WorldTour, Worldwide?

You could be forgiven for looking at the WorldTour in 2017, with its races in Australia, Abu Dhabi, Great Britain, Canada, the United States and China, as well as teams licensed to Bahrain, Kazakhstan and South Africa and assuming that given its name and make up it has always been driven towards the proliferation of […]

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2018 Cycling Jerseys

THIS PAGE IS UPDATED AS NEW KITS ARE LEAKED/ANNOUNCED So, the yearly extravaganza that is the release of cycling jerseys for the new season has begun in earnest this year on September 11th (you’ll, er, remember the date?!), a full three months before the new year, with Movistar getting underway. So, let’s see what the […]

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Milan-San Remo

Ah Milan-San Remo, La Primavera, The Sprinter’s Classic, the first Monument of the season, the easiest race to ride but the hardest to win, La Classicissima. It goes by many names, and for a race said to favour the sprinters, it produces a myriad of outcomes. Below, we celebrate the last 21 editions with some […]

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13 years of ProCycling Kits

After the graphic based version of “peloton fashions”, I went and made a version with actual photos in it. It doesn’t include Bora, Domina Vacanze or Bahrain Merida (yet), but otherwise, it should, hopefully, be accurate. Enjoy! You’ll probably need to open the image in a new tab to, er, see it in all glory. […]

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2005-2016 Peloton Fashions

Following on from last year, here is another update of cycling jerseys for Pro/WorldTour teams over the last, well, twelve years now. At some point I hope to go back to 2000, although the structure of the sport, and thus which teams to include/exclude (not to mention that it can be tricky finding a usable image […]

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Grand Tour Stages – Update

“Simon,” people never say to me, “when will we next be getting a post from Sicycle? It’s my favourite thing in the world! What’s coming next? Have you run out of ideas?!” Well, imaginary person, fear not – I’ve certainly not run out of ideas. The main reason for the lack of posts is simply […]

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