2018 Cycling Jerseys

THIS PAGE IS UPDATED AS NEW KITS ARE LEAKED/ANNOUNCED So, the yearly extravaganza that is the release of cycling jerseys for the new season has begun in earnest this year on September 11th (you’ll, er, remember the date?!), a full three months before the new year, with Movistar getting underway. So, let’s see what the […]

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Giving up: Abandon Rates since ’98

When Katusha’s Michael Mørkøv climbed off his bicycle on the road to Luchon, ending his involvement in the eighth stage of the 2016 Tour de France, he was writing his name into (admittedly very cycling specific) Trivial Pursuit answer books for years to come. The reason? Mørkøv was the first man to abandon the entire race, […]

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2017 Cycling Jerseys

THIS PAGE IS UPDATED AS NEW KITS ARE LEAKED/ANNOUNCED Last year, I made a series of wishes for 2017 cycling kits. They were… For the love of god, can BMC PLEASE change their kit to something else. It’s very nice as it is, granted. But a refresh would help them in more ways then one. No […]

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Astana – A History: 2007

Continuing on from where we left off in 2006, the ever up and down tale of everyone’s favourite Kazakhstani cycling team continues… January 11th 2007 Riders who had previously had contracts with Astana complain about the situation. The problem is that the previous Astana structure had essentially been dissolved in December 2006, and the license […]

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Astana – A History: 2006

Astana have recently begun celebrating their tenth anniversary, which is an interesting exercise in nostalgia. Given that ten years ago they weren’t allowed to start the Tour de France because half their team was suspended due to doping allegations, meaning the team didn’t have enough riders (and this was after they’d appealed to CAS to […]

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Cyclone 2016

Every year, I tell myself I’m not going to do the Cyclone this time around. It’s too long, I tell myself, too hard, and frankly, I don’t like the pressure of trying to match/better my own times. But inevitably, some combination of ego, peer pressure and the reminder that 100 miles of peacefully deserted Northumbrian […]

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