2005-2016 Peloton Fashions

Following on from last year, here is another update of cycling jerseys for Pro/WorldTour teams over the last, well, twelve years now. At some point I hope to go back to 2000, although the structure of the sport, and thus which teams to include/exclude (not to mention that it can be tricky finding a usable image of a jersey anyway), might make it a little tricky. But we’ll see. I’ve updated an error in the last update, as it is Jonathan Vaughters team Cannondale that is still running, rather than the original, formerly Liquigas version (wishful thinking on my part).


Massive letters are a growing fashion.

So are there any new, interesting trends? Hmm, sort of. Over-sized letters, originally brought in by RadioShack, have now become a bit more mainstream – Movistar and Katusha have both gone with massive versions of their first character as their symbols, whilst other teams, such as Lotto, have been using over-blown versions of their logos on shorts for some time.

Otherwise, the story is still pretty corporate. BMC have barely changed their kit in seven years, bar the near imperceptible movements of some of their black squares and logos, whilst Movistar have barely changed in six, although they at least add some coloured tubing and change the logo size every so often.

Even with the sponsor Europcar leaving the sport, we’ve still got a green team in the pack, although not as many as the glory days when Credit Agricole, Liquigas, and, I suppose, Phonak all decided it was a good scheme to go with. Cannondale are this years green team, which at least marked a slight move away from black, corporate kits to brighter, whiter jerseys) (see IAM, Dimension Data, LottoNL, Tinkoff)

Wishes for 2017

BMC had a novel range of jerseys from 2007-09
  • For the love of god, can BMC PLEASE change their kit to something else. It’s very nice as it is, granted. But a refresh would help them in more ways then one.
Spot the difference (there are some, honestly)
  • No more daft “training” kits. If you’re going to make a zany zebra striped kit, lets see the riders wearing it all year.


  • Less corporate kits. Let the designers have some fun! Cycling is full of enough sanctimonious “fans” whining about everything to let a few ruin kits as well because they have some “Rules” they’d like to pronounce on everyone.
  • More white kits. They’re just better. More Euro. More gorgeous. Just do it.
  • Sky to come up with something other than black kit. Why not white and blue? We will still all know who you are guys.
Better than all black
  • Quick Step to return to some of their classic 2005-07 jerseys. This is mainly just a nostalgic thing to be honest…


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