2005-2015 Peloton fashions


This is an update of last years post, https://sicycle.wordpress.com/2014/02/12/peloton-fashions-2005-2014-are-the-teams-becoming-more-difficult-to-tell-apart/, although that one was more about the number of black jerseys in the peloton, and this year I’ve added a couple of extra teams, such as MTN Qhubeka, Bora Argon 18 and IAM Cycling.

3 thoughts on “2005-2015 Peloton fashions

    1. Perhaps, there’s a few that could be joined/split – Liberty Seguros and Astana for example could be separate despite the latter being a renamed version of the former that then essentially split off. Despite Andy Rihs I just treated BMC and Phonak as seperate.

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