2015 Cycling jerseys

This year, teams have started unveiling their new kits in October (October! It’s meant to be a Christmas/New Year thing!) so its that time again – New team kits. There shouldn’t be anything too spectacular this year, as there are no new teams that have been created, which means the most exciting thing will be the merger of Cannondale and Garmin, which judging by the Garmin-Cervelo merger will be overwhelmingly dull and corporate. There will also be the added confusion of a second team called Lotto, albeit LottoNL, although judging by their new kit, they shouldnt be hard to tell apart…

And that’s all for this year folks…


This image circulating purportedly from the UCI (and very small it is too) suggests that Ag2R, Lampre and Orica are keeping with the same design they used in 2014, whilst Astana have added a yellow collar, perhaps to celebrate having the Tour winner on their team, to their design.

Cannondale Garmin

Special kits for the Tour de France seem to be big buisness these days, especially if you’re sponsored by Castelli, who arguably kicked it off in 2009 by reversing the all black colours of their Cervelo Test Team strip to a more heat friendly all white design. They then did the same in 2011, and sort of did in 2012 when Garmin picked up Sharp as a sponsor. This year, now behind Cannondale, they’re at it again, and have replaced the  mainly black and really rather awful kit they used t have with…last year’s Tinkoff Saxo Tour jersey?!
01_4205001_038_670I think it’s meant to be the same Cannondale Green they’ve always had, except with more of Vaughters’ favourite Argyle and a bit of blue. View it from the wrong angle and it definitely looks like Tinkoffs fluro effort mind. Still, I’m sure it will sell like hot cakes…


Interestingly these images dont seem to match up – the sleeves seems more black on the below image, which features tha Castelli logo on the collar bone rather than the chest as in the above.


And so it turns out an image doing the rounds earlier in the week was correct – Garmin have also decided to go black, which means that they join Etixx, Sky, Giant, LottoNL and Bora in having predominatedly black kit. The Argyle pattern (un?)fortunately persists, although the black effectively drowns it out. Cannondale green becomes the old Garmin blue, but all in all, this is pretty dull and lifeless – abit like Garmin used to be. It’s a shame Cannondale didn’t try and spice it up a bit.


Team Lotto NL-Jumbo

Perhaps realising that yellow goes TERRIBLY with their celeste Bianchis, LottoNL have decided to change their jersey for the Tour, both to demarcate them from the leaders jersey and to celebrate the Dutch start of the race, given they’re the only Dutch nation now Giant-Alpecin are registered in Germany.


Basically, they get a dutch collar, the riders names on one shoulder, and the sleeves becoming white rather than yellow. In what seems suspiciously similar to Lotto-Soudal’s Tour of Belgium ploy of putting the rider’s star signs on the jersey, LottoNL will apparently put their riders lucky numbers in the lottery balls that grace the jersey. Hmm.

lottojumbo713182Of course, LottoNL’s big problem is going to be differentiating themselves from Lotto-Belisol, their Belgian rivals. They seem to have decided that a vibrant yellow is the best option to do that, with this bee-esque jersey and shorts combo that will surely fall foul of the Tour de France and require a change in the same manner that Saxo Tinkoff did this year. It almost looks like they’re keeping the same Belkin design but changed the palette – the same black panel at the bottom of the jersey is present after all. They have also decided that “Lotto” wasn’t obvious enough a descriptor of what they were doing, so have felt the need to add some massive lottery balls onto the jersey. More concerningly, how will this yellow go with the celeste on the Bianchi bikes?!

Tinkoff Saxo

Tinkoff just aren’t content with having a normal amount of jerseys this year, which is why they’re unleashing yet another one on the world for the Tour de France. Quite why, I’m not sure – the colour the current jersey is is the same colour as the one they changed it to last year to avoid a clash with the Tour leaders jersey anyway. Oh well.

Supposedly, this is what they’re going to do – merging their traditional jersey with their camo training one that we’ve never seen (though I suppose that’s technically the point.) Getting ever closer to the old Tinkoff kit before they became Katusha.


tinkofftour1015The white sections of the jersey will be given a different colour (the suggestion was purple, but hopefully that is unlikely…) to help differenitate it. I don’t know what’s wrong with the Blue they usually have… 

tinkoff-saxo 2015 tinkoffsaxo2015 sagan tinkoff 2015

After the camouflage monstrosity/beauty they revealed earlier in the month, Tinkoff have revealed what they’ll actually be using, which is essentially a slightly less fluro and cleaner version of their 2014 Tour de France kit. The same muted yellow remains on the jersey, albeit with blue shorts, and with a blue horizontal stripe on the back to help identify riders. The Russian flag is also prominent on the sleeves, given the that is where the squad is now registered. Interestingly, sponsor Etixx, who are of course also the title sponsor of QuickStep, do not feature on this jersey, but do on the training jersey, whilst the dropping of “Credit Systems” from the Tinkoff logo cleans the jersey up a bit. More excitingly, they’ve actually put some effort into their national champions kits, with Peter Sagan’s Slovakian champions jersey using just about every colour in the palette. After years of his jersey effectively being the same as his Cannondale team mates, he’s finely getting something more distinctive. It’s actually quite tricky to tell he’s Slovakian form it mind…

Tinkoff Saxo Training Kit



Ah yes, the much discussed Tinkoff Saxo jersey. These guys pulled a marketing master stroke by teasing everyone with tasters of what looks like a dark blue and yellow jersey, before pulling this camouflage monstrosity/wonder (delete as per your feelings)  into view. This is supposedly the “training kit”, on the basis that other sports, namely football, have change kits. Of course, these change kits are barely used and are just a money spinning opportunity, which these shamlessly are as well – the sensibility of training alone through winter in low visibility with a kit that blends into the background oddly doesnt seem to have come up, although jokes about hiding from drug testers from some hilarious ‘fan’ will no doubt have already been used up too much. Still, the proper one will be unveiled on December 19th.

Joker + Soudal


No, not a new team, but presumably a way for Lotto-Soudal to avoid confusion with the similarly named LottoNL-Jumbo, which should help commentators worldwide. It’s a shame the stylish red kit has to go, but in a peloton which used to have two orange teams (Euskatel and Rabobank) the move to orange should help them stand out more. Especially when, as they have, they’ve added multicoloured “confetti” to the jersey and will use the Lazer Aeroshell canvases to put the rider’s star signs on. “Dear heavens, why?!” you may ask. Well, Joker+, the new name of the team (well, Joker+-Soudal) is a game you can play on the Belgian Lotto, and so a little like Omega Pharma using its products in Davitamon, Silence, Predictor and Etixx as sponsors, Lotto are doing the same with Joker+. It’ll debut at the Tour of Belgium.

Lampre Merida


Some logos have moved/changed and Rui Costa has some tiny rainbows on his sleeves (but not on his collar – blasphemy), but otherwise, this is pretty much the same as 2014.  It’s sad to say that this is one of the more ‘Out there’ kits these days, which considering it’s not really all that flashy is saying something about team kits in the modern era. Still, they remain the last bastion of pink in the World Tour…

Orica GreenEdge


Ok, so basically Orica have just kept the same kit as last year. Even the logos on the sleeves are the same. In the past, we’d have applauded this fan-first thinking, but in these days of social media and hype, no new kit is a poor show. Still, its nice enough, so I’m sure they won’t care too much.

Trek Factory Racing


Much better from Trek, who finally get away from all those dodgy Radioshack kits and last years dull effort with this much brighter and much more visible effort. The white and red look great – the only problem is that the kit does look like they’ve plonked the white on top of last years pinstripes, which remain. Still, paired with a white helmet and red bike, its a good all around package.



This not very large image from the UCI suggests Trek are actually going to have quite  nice kit this year, replacing the rather dull black pinstriped attempt of last year with this classy white shouldered number. As with Alpecin, black,red and white are good colour combinations,and it certainly makes the Trek logo stand out more.

Giant Alpecin


Whilst Giant’s kit looks smart, the proliferation of black kits in the peloton is getting a bit daft. This is also quite similar to MTN’s kit now, which should be fun in lead outs given the African outfits proliferation of sprinters. Still, expect to see this selling alot and winning alot – luckily those accented black shorts will go well with most leaders jerseys.

giant alpecin
A teaser of Giant Alpecin’s jersey can be found in their online videos, and it suggests that they’re joining the dark side by switching the black and white in their jersey from last year. Sigh. How many black jerseys do we need in the peloton. Still,shampoo sponsor Alpecin’s colours are red, and black, red and white always work well (See Cervelo in the past), so maybe it’ll work when we see it properly.



Ag2R have had pretty much the same kit since 2009, the only addition being added brown on the shoulders last year. This year, they’re pretty much keeping the exact same kit.



Some minor adjustments to the Astana jersey, with a yellow collar, possibly in honour of the teams’ Tour triumph, or just another way of showing off Kazakhstan’s Turquoise and Yellow colours. The logo is also now not off set like some early noughties WordArt.


Those hoping that Vincenzo Nibali might get a better Italian Champions jersey will be dissapointed to find that he is still a pseudo Hungarian champion, although  the tricolore does at least extend all the way around his jersey now.

Team Sky


So Sky and Rapha have basically done nothing to this. Yes, there’s a bit of blue piping on the collar, and yes, there’s some different shaded black/dark grey stripes on the rear of the jersey, but the logos are all the same, as is their position. The promise of ‘new fabrics’ might excite Rapha afficionados, but no one else.



BMC seem to have decided that they entered a competition where they have to make their kit looknear identical every year aside from some subtle tweaks. And they’d be doing pretty well – this year looks the same as about the last 4, except that the black squares have again been moved around to move minor sponsors, perhaps making the kit more red. The World TTT logo is now on their breast as well, but really, its the same thing. Surely in need for a refresher next year.

“Team Wiggins”


So the Wiggins jersey actually turned out as such, with the usual Rapha “details” such as 6 gold stripes to signal the 6 Olympic Golds Sir Bradley has, and his now seemingly tradmarked roundel thinggummy.Team-Wiggins-jersey-630x419

The Team that will carry the ego (surely ‘national treasure?’ Ed.) that is Sir Bradley Wiggins when he leaves Sky supposedly has a kit if you believe Cycling Weekly, who must be shredding their nails at how they will fill their pages once “Wiggo” retires, so reliant on his services have they become (mainly due to the fact that they just insult every other rider under the sun then find it surprising that they’re unkeen to be interviewed). They could have stuck Wiggins and the Rapha logo on anything and it would have sold by the bucket load, but this is tasteful and subdued enough to ensure it might go a bit further then those who fawn over the self styled British cycling Modfather.

IAM Cycling

IAM 2015
IAM’s jersey is pretty similar, except that the reverse now has the riders names emblazoned in large font on the back, making it easier for spectators (and presumably the team DS’s) to pick them out from helicopter shots.



Pretty much the same as the last few years, save for the Orbea logo, given the new bike sponsor. The white sleeve that they added for the last couple of seasons has gone, so they’re effectively back to the kit they had when they first changed to red from the tricolore.

Etixx-Quick Step

Cycling: Team Etixx - Quick-Step NEW 2015 Jersey Cycling: Team Etixx - Quick-Step NEW 2015 Jersey
Everyone likes Quickstep, and their kits are usually one of the best. After last year’s slide to the dark side and all black kits, this years sees a return to a bit more blue, even if it looks like someone accidently clicked “fill” in the wrong place on Paint just before they sent it to the printers. Of course, Omega Pharma have gone back to naming the team they back after their products, and Etixx is their new sports nutrition brand, and a better name than Silence or Predictor obviously. Replacing the spot where they used to have their World TT badge is a winery logo, but otherwise its a lazy redesign of last years kit.Everyone’s going to keep calling them Quick Step as  well.


Katusha seem to have gone back to their old 2008-2009 kits, removed the Moscow skyline and figured, “meh, this is probably still ok.” Theres some yellow flashes in now, and the amount of red has decreased, which is a shame. Still doesn’t scream ‘Mother Russia’, but it’s pretty much the closest they can get when the main palette is red, blue, white and,er, yellow.

Lotto Soudal

Lotto have kept the theme of 2014, which saw their retro jersey well received, even if the results in it weren’t fantastic (aside from Andre Greipel, who was in the uber cool all white German champions kit, and Tony Gallopin’s Tour exploits.) The only odd addition is the big red bar in the middle of the white band in the middle. You can now never unsee that. Sorry.



So it seems like whoever designs MTN’s kits (Castelli) is a big football fan, hence this Newcastle United/Juventus/Notts County kit. Football alikes are never exactly popular in cycling, but with some popular riders in the team this year they might have a chance to sell this one big.


1920549_903098616374788_59749436636767600_nCan’t tell the difference between this and last year’s kit? They’re pretty minimal. The Endura and Canyon logos have switched places, whilst the thin green stripes that were on the cuffs and collar have gone. So pretty much the same kit they’ve had the last 3-4 years then.



FDJ have always been stylish but this is another level of cool. It feels like a bit of a throwback to their old all white kit, which then began to include a more nationalistic element with some red and blue cuffs to push the French theme. The move to an all blue kit was generally well received, but this new kit is fantastic – it conveys the teams French identity whilst it wont clash with the French national champions kit thanks to the diagonal lines, plus the return to mostly white is always a winner. Chapeu, FDJ!

Bora-Argon 18

craft_boa_trikot_670In 2012 there was Endura, in 2013, it transformed into Netapp-Endura,with their dark blue, white and black kit. However, Netapp have now followed their German roots to become Bora-Argon 18, with Bora a kitchen technology  producer and Argon the other Canadian bike manufacturer (after Cervelo.) Speaking of Cervelo, Bora seem to have borrowed from the old TestTeam’s kit ideas, with an all black kit with red piping on the sleeves and collar. Although the team has lost a few key riders, at least those that are left should be suitably kitted, even if the proliferation of black kits is getting a bit grating.

Etixx-Quick Step (Previously OPQS/ Omega Pharma Quick Step)

etixx2015It seems unlikely that this will be actual jersey (well, it won’t now, because the team are no longer World TTT champions, so that badge will have to disappear) but this is what OPQS mocked up when they announced that the team’s name would be changing during the Tour. Etixx is one of Omega Pharma’s subsidiary companies, in the same way that Davitamon, Silence and Predictor were when the company sponsored what is now Lotto-Belsiol, and is a sports nutrition faction. It would be surprising if they kept  the same design however – Quick Step havent kept the same design for two years in a row since 2008-2009, so expect to see a bit of a redesign to mark this out from the 2014 variant.

Roompot – Orange Cycling Team

shirtOrange_zpsc14ae152Missing Rabobank? Well this is the sort of replacement – Roompot-Orange. Managed by old Rabobank manager Erik Breukink, and with PR by Michael Boogerd, the team is an attempt to a “no nonsense” Dutch cycling team. It’s Procontinental from what I can gather, and features all your favourite attacking Dutch riders  such as Johnny Hoogerland,the Kreder brothers and Marc de Maar (who is Dutch rather than from Curacao now). Whatever happens, it’s nice to see orange back in the pack after the demise of Euskatel and the loss of Rabobank as a sponsor.

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