Appalling Cycling Kits

It seems obligatory at the moment to pass comment on a certain Colombian women’s team kit, which at first viewing, appears to be missing a section, at second viewing appears to be trying to be anatmoically correct, and when the suspension of disbelief passes, you realise features a (still inexcusable) skin coloured panel.


President Cookson has already tweeted of his desire to sort out this kit, but of course, in cycling, awful kit isn’t as rare as we would like. Of course, there are many kits that are divisive – Ag2R’s brown shorts are all Cycle Sport magazine print about them these days, Lampre’s fushia has always had detractors, and some don’t like the myriad of sponors on teams like Androni and Yellow Fluo. But plenty people do like  them – its the following things that have attracted near universal condemnation.


Ah, Footon-Servetto. As if Saunier Duval’s bright yellow hadn’t been bad enough in the first place, the team briefly had a pretty bad light and dark blue kit before this “gold” kit arrived. Whether the printing was just wrong (although apparently not, given they never changed it) or the designer was blind, the main problem was that the team committed the cardinal sin of cycling jersey design: NEVER make your kit look like the thing you are advertising. Footon, if you couldn’t work it out, make insoles for shoes, hence the humongous foot on the front and back of the jersey…

footon back

So what other teams have made the terrible error of trying to make their jersey show off what they advertise? Milram have been a main culprit. At the 2008 Tour of Germany (remember that?!) they turned up in this attempt:

milramHow hilarious, we all thought, as they claimed to was just a thank you to their team, and would never see the light of day again. However, at the beginning of the next season…


Still, it wasn’t so bad as some early 1990’s efforts…
bigmat--669x1024 castorama-cycling-team-1994

Who decided dungaree’s were a good look?!

But really, there is one team that were truly awful (in more ways than one). Ladies and Gentlemen…Rock Racing.

oscar_sevilla_team_rock_racing Rock_train1_roadbikeaction post-6872-0-05711700-1389690277 ROCK-RACING-TEAM-POSTERNever again.











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