Grand Tour Leaders Jerseys – The Collectors

As Mark Cavendish took another Pink Jersey, I wondered which riders had a ‘wardrobe’ of the Grand Tour leaders jerseys. So I looked into it- this is only for current riders, and takes into account the Vuelta’s colour change from gold to red in 2010. It turned out that just 13 riders had multiple jerseys – 4 have all 3, and 9 have a combination of 2 from 3. Here they are:

The Complete Set

Bradley Wiggins


Giro d’Italia – 2010, Tour de France -2012, Vuelta a Espana -2011.

Currently owns one of these, with the other two apparently on the wishlist.

Alberto Contador


Giro d’Italia – 2008, 2011 (DQed), Tour de France – 2007, 2009, 2010 (DQed), Vuelta a Espana – 2008, 2012.

The only man to own all three outright, having won them outright, Contador also is the only man to own all both Vuelta jerseys and the Italian and French counterparts, given he won in 2008 when the jersey was gold.

Cadel Evans


Giro d’Italia – 2002, 2010, Tour de France – 2008, 2010, 2011, Vuelta a Espana – 2009.

Evans has had a nine year gap between his first magila rosa and the last grand tour leaders jersey he wore, the yellow jersey in 2011. He also wore the Vuelta magila ora for a day before a puncture ruined his chances of victory.

Dishonourable mention -David Millar


Giro d’Italia – 2011, Tour de France – 2000, Vuelta a Espana – 2001.

Millar has worn all three, with a ten year span between the first and last, but his probable doping and admission of doing so suggests that these were not won fairly.

Giro and Tour

Surprisingly, no one has won just these two jerseys – perhaps because no one aims for both anymore, but more likely because the Tour’s removal of time bonuses has meant sprinters no longer have a chance of getting yellow after a prologue, whilst the Giro’s preference for a TTT means domestiques are oft rewarded with the jersey instead.

Tour and Vuelta

Fabian Cancellara


Tour de France – 2004, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2012. Vuelta a Espana – 2009.

Cancellara recently expressed his desire to complete the set of jerseys,but he’d need a prologue or steep climb to open the Giro with for a chance. Perhaps Dublin/Belfast will give him a chance next year.

Sylvain Chavanel

jchavanelTour de France – 2010, Vuelta a Espana – 2008, 2011.

Chavanel’s great 2010 Tour gave him yellow twice, and he went on to take the red jersey for a day or two at a scorching hot Vuelta in 2011.

Thor Hushovd


Tour de France – 2006, 2011, Vuelta a Espana – 2006.

Hushovd and the yellow jersey have a great history -he’s crashed out of it and bled all over it, and oddly for a sprinter, has only ever won it through time trials- a prologue in 2006 and a TTT in 2011. He got the Vuelta jersey for 2 days in 2006 by the more conventional time bonuses method however.

Alejandro Valverde


Tour de France – 2008, Vuelta a Espana – 2006, 2008, 2009, 2012.

Valverde took the uphill finish to win the jersey at the Tour in 2008,and has popped up consistently at the Vuelta to claim the jersey a few times, winning it outright  in 2009, although his infamy as Valv.Piti makes pre-2010 look a bit shifty.

Phillipe Gilbert

jgilbertTour de France – 2011, Vuelta a Espana – 2010.

Gilber mirrored Valverde with an uphill sprint to wear yellow, although he only got to wear it in a TTT, meaning it barely saw air time and he wore it for about 40 minutes. He almost got a week out of the red jersey at the 2010 Vuelta though.

Giro and Vuelta

Mark Cavendish


Giro d’Italia – 2009, 2011, 2013, Vuelta a Espana – 2010.

Cavendish has won all but the most recent of his jerseys as a result of Team time trials. He can complete the set if he wins in Corsica in July, and he’ll rue the Tours lack of time bonuses – although given he doesnt always have the best first week, 2009 would probably have been the only year he would have worn yellow that way.

Vincenzo Nibali


Giro d’Italia – 2010, Vuelta a Espana – 2010.

Nibali got both his jerseys in 2010, although technically he also should have one from 2011 after Contadors DQ at the Giro. He won the Vuelta overall in 2010.

Denis Menchov


Giro d’Italia – 2009, Vuelta a Espana – 2005, 2007.

A man with has a teflon like ability to avoid a doping scandal surrounding his team mates and former teams, Menchov has racked up three grand Tours (technically 2, given a Madrid court returned the 2005 Vuelta to Roberto Heras).Now passed his peak, he won’t get any more.

Joaquim Rodriguez


Giro d’Italia – 2012, Vuelta a Espana – 2003, 2010, 2011, 2012.

If you don’t want this man to win a grand Tour, you have no heart. Heart breakingly close twice in 2012, Rodriguez has been collecting leaders jerseys for 10 years, holding the magila ora for a day in 2003. An all yellow ensemble from Purito in july would go down very well.

One thought on “Grand Tour Leaders Jerseys – The Collectors

  1. Dave millar is a tricky one and perhaps falls into the rider who has worn both giro and tdf as both of them fall outside of when he admitted to doping. David has never once made this claim about winning all three as he has said he was doped during the 2001 vuelta. Other others he was totally clean, especially his giro one. It was a dreadful day in cycling history when he won it as poor old weyland was killed on that stage.

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