2013 Cycling Jerseys

It’s that dull part of the year where cycling is hard, nothings happening and you’re piling on the Christmas pounds. You’ve got 2013 to look forward to though, so to whet your appetites, here’s some sneak peaks of next years kits, which I’ll update as they come in. They won’t be properly announced until at least January 1st, but hey, leaks are leaks. Just don’t sue me.

Omega Pharma Quick Step

omega kit

OPQS have apaprently been infected by Cavendish, with an influx of black into the jersey as well as the shorts, which lose those light blue bands. They’ve also gone for a Katusha-esque ‘belt’ on the bottom of the jersey. All in all, a nice effort, which will look good when they win lots of Tour stages and classics.


735930_10151351686569873_1350472956_oOh dear. We all suspected Rapha would do an all-black job on Sky, but secretly we thought they might spice it up and not just revert to standard Rapha ‘blank with an armband’ templates. But they have, and it’s, er, very black. We haven’t see the back yet, which could still retain that all white panel, but the blue armband just looks, well, stupid frankly. The national emphasis, something I’ve written about recently, is quite nice, though, with Wiggins getting a past national champs band and the national kit for Boassen Hagen back to proper glory. The kit retains the names on the riders flanks as well.


ag2r 2013Now, this has actually changed. It now says Focus. As Ag2r are on Focus bikes. Classy.


YmFbMThe combination of NettApp and Endura has, a la RadioShack and Leopard, led to a ‘hybrid’ jersey, except this one works quite well, perhaps because of the collar which gives a greater thread of continuity.



Rapha’s more interesting effort will be the Sky jersey they’re making, but they haven’t changed their own team’s jersey much, aside from new sponsor JLT – a replacement in name for John Tiernan Locke?



With Rabobank now officially called the Blanco Cycling Team, this may well be their outfit. With orange out, they’ve gone with standard and safe black and white, just not very well. Blanco, by the way, is just a word for ‘blank’, rather than a sponsor.



The Liquigas boys have thankfully kept the lime green, and pretty much just replaced the Liquigas logo with Cannondale, and put more lime in and some stripes. Should be interesting to see the ensemble.

Turns out the above was correct. Here’s the full kit:



20121212-133059Another evolving jersey, Movistar seems to have gone for a darker image by removing that little white film piece on the right shoulder to give a more uniform appearance. Quite nice, but they could lighten it up a bit?



Here’s the danger of adding sponsors – you add some a colour that doesnt work with the kit in its previous iteration. Lotto had a great kit, but now it looks…weird.



So nothing looks to have changed much for Astana on first inspection, but they also have changed a tad, although they haven’t gone as white as everyone hoped. Instead, swirls of yellow are the new addition, with an asymetric kit with a Astana logo that looks like I made it on Word in 2001.



I initially though they hadn’t done anything with this, but this is basically what it was two years ago after a move to a more white kit last year. This year though, they go back to the darker blue, and add some odd little horns of white. Otherwise its exactly the same.



The first time Euskaltel have changed in a while, and its definitely for the better. A different shade of orange better highlighting for 2013, but will Sammy Sanchez still get gold piping?



Katusha look to still have the WorldTour logo on their kit, which will have to come off as things stand, but as they show with this kit, not much has changed, and they should really be in it. The most notable change is a little Russian flag inserted into the collar region, as well as the old red ‘belt’ becoming a similar patriotic colour scheme.

Team Saxo-Tinkoff


An invasion of yellow from the Tinkoff side of the kit is the feature on the ‘new’ Saxo-Tinkoff jersey. Weirdly, the back seems to be various shades of blue, meaning the balance is a bit off. The all blue SaxoBank kit was still the best one they had.


img-1357002008486I get the feeling I should apologies profusely for inflicting this on you. The deep purple and dark blue was weird enough, but a mucus green adittion just makes this look bad. Very bad.



BMC have snuck under the radar to produce this, their new kit, made by Pearl Izumi rather than Hincapie (I wonder why?) Aside from the jaggedy shark teeth profile on the shorts, the jersey seems at first glance to be pretty much the same, but as usual, they’ve had subtle changes. There’s an odd black box over the riders left breast that simply lists some sponsors, and they now feel the need to remind everyone that BMC come from Switzerland, perhaps because of the new IAM cycling team which is marketed as a Swiss team. Still prefer they’re old white jersey, when the BMC logo was written vertically at 90 degrees down the side to be honest.



Argos Shimano are now a WorldTour Team, and so there was also going to be the minor change of the addition of a WorldTour logo to the kit, but they’ve edited it a bit as well. Gone is the it4i logo that used to adorn the bottom to remind everyone of their values and the teams previous incarnation, and the kit is sadly lacking in green this time, with only what I can presume is an illustration of the Earth but looks more like a grass stain in the bottom right of the jersey. The massive Shimano logos on the sleeves look a tad overpowering, but as long as they’ve kept white shorts, this should be fine.



Not much different at first glance, and the front is seemingly identical, but the back is different – the panel below Sharp used to be all white with a black Cervelo E, but now its the ol’ Argyle they so adore, and the E becomes white.


radioshack jersey

Radioshack’s team presentation was a bit low key this year,and the jersey is actually not all that bad – still an odd fusion of Leopard and Radioshack with the blue band and the red, and still not as good as the original Leopard kit. However, it breaks with the 2012 kit and with a fresh white, should welcome in a new era for the team. A team, it should be pointed out, that has dropped the Livestrong band from the cuff.



So it’s a different kit to what they began with last year, and indeed to the first Orica branded kit, which just pasted ‘Orica’ onto the GreenEdge jersey, but it’s the same as they third one they managed in 6 months from July, with Dark blue being the main colour.



Free of BigMatt, FDJ are back to their ‘new old kit’, given that the kit they had before this iteration was still the best. There’s a new black box over Lapierre, but thats it. As long as the black doesn’t infect the glorious white jersey and pollute it a la Sky.

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