Obituary: Victor Cabedo

Victor Cabedo

15th June 1989 – 12th September 2012

It is sad to report the passing of Victor Cabedo, the 23 year old Euskaltel Euskadi rider, who died on Wednesday following a collision with a car during a training ride.

It’s always depressing to hear of a professional cyclist’s death, not only because we so admire the pinnacles of physical stature that they represent, but because we are one of the few sports that allow the public to ride and experience the same roads and vistas as our heroes. We often feel that cycling is our lives, and for Victor, it truly was. Just 23, and possessing the same exceptional talent that all riders must have to make the professional ranks, his death highlights the tenuous line all riders ride in our lifetimes.

Cycling has had too many deaths and serious injuries recently, but this is not the time or place to discuss that. We can only wish and hope that Victor rides on to wherever he believed he was going.

He’ll always ride with us.



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