Well hello!



It only took around half an hour to come up with the opening line: starting is indeed the hardest thing to do. Numerous clichés were trialled and tribulated over, but hey, it’s done now.



So what’s the point of this blog? Primarily, simply to record some thoughts and experiences, mainly about my favourite sport, cycling. Hopefully, they’ll be a piece for everyone – some rides, book and product reviews (when my student budget allows for purchase!), and we’ll even get some history in, which hopefully won’t do my degree much harm. The occasional sprinkling of movie reviews and science fiction might come in as well – hell, it could be anything!



As for myself, I’m Simon, hence the ‘hilarious’ title, ‘Sicycle’, which yes, was concocted in about 20 seconds as a mighty fusion of my name and the phrase ‘I cycle.’ Indeed, the less that says about my capacity for innovation the better…



I’m a student, doing a history degree in London, and living in balmy Newcastle upon Tyne, which, whist not the industrial wasteland many still seem to believe, is still considerably chillier then I’d like it to be. When not enjoying writing seeming tomes on the importance of Russian literature, the joys of whether the Vikings were truly genocidal, or whom was to blame for Pearl Harbor, I’m most likely to be found either cycling or connected to it in some manner, whether that be watching, reading about or the like.



Anyway, hope you find something you like here. The writing won’t be perfect, the facts may occasionally be incorrect (in which case, please let me know!) but hey, thats the fun.


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